Thursday, March 13, 2014

Simple Joys

Spring break is fast approaching and whether we are excited for no homework, a vacation or the potential spring weather, I have a challenge for you.  

Often times I find myself in days like today where my to-do lists seems like it is a mile long and I have deadlines looming over my head.  Do any of you ever feel like you have the whole world to conquer in one night?  I certainly know that feeling.  Sometimes our brains may look a little like this.  
This was all of my mail to sort through while deciding on what college to go to; I chose K-State!

Our lives may be a little crazy to the point where we don't even feel like we ever have a break from the nonstop go-go-go.  One of the things I've learned is I often get so caught up in being the busy bee of life that I've forgotten to enjoy the little things while I am pushing so hard to meet deadlines.  I've let weeks go by without even talking to my sisters or nieces in all of my rush to conquer my to-do lists.

The lesson I've learned is to enjoy the little things in life.  This is a personal motto I've been working towards as I realized in high school that I was constantly on the go and sometime forgot to simply enjoy my life!

Here are some moments that I've captured through photos of simple joys that I am grateful I took the time to stop and enjoy.  

We burn pastures every year at my farm.  I am so glad I took the time to capture this "ordinary" day on the farm with a picture of my dad and me. 

On our safari in South Africa our main attention was of course on the animals.  However I happened to take my eyes away from the hunt for the animals in order to take this beautiful picture. 
After completing the Spartan sprint of 3.8 miles packed with 15 obstacles, our team took time to celebrate our accomplishment before we showered and put on proper clothes for the 40 degree weather.

You can always get more money, you can always be more accomplished, but one thing you can never get back is time.  My challenge for you this spring break is to take time to enjoy the little things and make the most of the 86,400 seconds you have everyday.  Because after all, you can never get more time.  

How will  you use your time to stop and appreciate the simple joys in everyday? 

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Peyton Chandler said...

Thats awesome. I think its really cool that your doing all these amazing things