Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Season of Waiting

We spend four hours furiously wracking our brains to do our top notch work on our ACT to hopefully get us the scholarship money we want for our dream college. Then we wonder for weeks what we received until finally we receive that email.

We spend everyday since Thanksgiving waiting in anticipating for Christmas morning to see what Santa brought us with a child's innocence, or in our cases now what is under the tree from our parents.

We spend months preparing for a CDE or even years for a proficiency area. Yet, we never know what the outcome is immediately.

But sometimes we wait after we do something that nags at our conscience, and we wait to see if anyone will find out.  

Waiting...waiting...waiting.  Waiting is against our nature and patience is something we all lose sometimes.  But let's think for a moment, if there was nothing leading up to Christmas, no break from school except for that day, would it be as special?  Think of all the cooking, decorating, parties and gatherings in anticipation of the day.

But the result at the end of waiting is called delayed gratification.  Christmas wouldn't be near as special without the anticipation.  Our experiences within FFA wouldn't be near as rewarding if they didn't take time, effort and some time spent waiting.  That Grand Champion ribbon you won with your steer at the county fair is so much sweeter because of the months put into feeding and working with him.

What about those time when we mess up, wouldn't it be easier to just find out immediately if we were going to get caught cheating or lying?  Of course!  But let's think about that feeling of guilt and having your stomach in knots waiting to see if you are caught in the middle your lie.  If it weren't for the time we spend sweating about those times we mess up, we probably wouldn't have learned our lesson near as well.  The end result of the prolonged guilt is to hopefully teach us a lesson about what we did and that the feeling of guilt is enough to make us think twice before making that same mistake again.

My challenge for you: The next time you find yourself waiting, think about the lesson you're learning or the sweet reward of delayed gratification you'll received at the end of your wait.

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lewisk said...

Carrie, this was an awesome post and just in time! I couldn't agree more with the statement that while you're waiting you should think about the lessons learned and look at the result of that waiting and anticipation. Best of luck to you as you go into second semester and Merry Christmas! :)